Campofreddo district


Campofreddo is a small district on the coastal area in the south of the province of Taranto. The soil is almost sandy (the sand in the soil is around 40%); the climate is so dry that we practice dry-land farming, i.e. a series of agronomic practices aimed at maintaining the very low rainfall as much as possible into the ground. Campofreddo has specifically a very thin layer of soil (just 60 cm compared to the average of almost 90/100 cm of all the province), which makes this strip of land ideal for bush-vines viticulture.This vineyard, precious and old, has a high density (5/6000) of vines per hectare, heritage of our grandparents’ traditional viticulture; and a very low yield of fruit, allowing a miraculous concentration.The wine of this district, Concura Primitivo di Manduria Riserva DOP, has a rich and complex structure, strenghtened by a thick presence of sugar and alcohol that blends harmoniously with the soft tannins, typical of the best Primitivos, and an unusual acidity, which comes both from the manual care in the vineyard and from the age of the plants.


Concura Primitivo di Manduria DOP Riserva



Wine category – Denominazione d’Origine Protetta Riserva.
Colour – Red.
Vine variety – Primitivo.
Vines per ha – 5000 bush vines.
Production area – Very old vineyards, selected in San Marzano and Sava. The soil is mainly “red earth”, with a fine texture and a generally calcareous underground with few emerging rocks. The well-known redness of these soils is due to the presence of iron oxides. The climate is characterised by high temperatures all year round, very little rainfall and a wide temperature range between night and day, which has a positive influence on the quality of the grapes. This is the central area of the “Primitivo di Manduria” d.o.p.
Harvest period – Second half of September.
Vinification – Grapes are hand-harvested in advanced status of ripening. Maceration: 18 days on 80% of the mass, 25 days on remaining 20% (with selected autochthonous yeasts). Thermo-controlled alcoholic fermentation at 24-26°C.
Maturation – 12 months in fine French and American wood barrels.
Tasting notes – Intense ruby red colour, wide and complex to the nose, fruity, with a prune and cherry jam aroma, with notes of tobacco, slightly spicy. A full-bodied wine, soft and rich in fine tannins, with notes of cocoa, coffee and vanilla in the end.
Best served with – Red meat, game, savoury first courses. Meditation wine.
Serving temperature – About 18°C

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