Troncarea and Mesola delle Volpi district


Located on the Ionian coast, Troncarea and Mesola delle Volpi (Foxes’ Hill) districts are an ideal terroir for great red wines. In fact the long hours of insolation and the high temperatures all along the year foster a great richness of sugar in the fruit, while the breezes from the nearby Gulf of Taranto relief the vineyards at night and protect the grapes from dampness and rots. The soil is almost sandy, and the rootstocks reach easily through it the limestone calcareous bedrock, which is a storage of water and refreshment. This unique balance of climate factors is the the main reason of the quality of the grapes Primitivo and Merlot, which reach significant concentrations of sugar/alcohol and at the same time maintain a sweet and fragrant fruit. From these vines we produce Familiae Primitivo di Manduria DOP and Lifili Primitivo Salento IGP, which are all fruity and well structured, and capable of ageing well.


The Wines of the Troncarea and Mesola delle Volpi district