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Puglia, a beautiful region of Southern Italy, a unique area where numerous people and cultures have settled over the centuries; a thousand-year old history made of love for the land, hard work and joy of life. In Puglia, even the smallest strip of land talks about itself, its past and its history, a tale of rocks, of men and women, a tale of red soil and ancient trees.

The winery a6mani and its delicious wines come from this mix of cultures and passions, the beautiful vineyards of Salento and a sincere love of three women for their land.

The contradas

A6mani vineyards are located in different contradas: Monte La Conca, Li Marini, Mesola delle Volpi, Troncarea e Campofreddo, maximum 20 km far from each other. Even though they lie within a short distance, every vineyard has its own peculiar geo-climatic conditions…


This wines fully express the balance of our grapes, rich and powerful, strong and fresh at the same time. They were born in old family vineyards managed passionately with feminine care.


LIFILI Bianco Salento IGP

Wine type


Vine varieties

White native grapes


Ageing in stainless steel tanks

Best served with

Excellent with appetizers, fish dishes, fresh cheese and pasta with light sauces

Three women, one single grape, one vineyard a stone’s throw from the sea: that is what makes this wine. Its balance and intriguing bouquet express entirely the spirit of its land of origin.

Familia Primitivo di Manduria DOP

Wine type


Vine variety


Best served with

Savoury first courses, lamb, game with rich sauces, mature cheese

As a precious gift, we have been looking after this vineyard with the same rituals for generations.
Our hands learn how to turn beauty into good. With care.

Concura Primitivo di Manduria DOP Riserva

Vine variety


Harvest period

Second half of September

Best served with

Red meat, game, savoury first courses. Meditation wine